Tech Partnership planning new cyber apprenticeship

The Tech Partnership has announced it has petitioned BIS to deliver a new degree-level apprenticeship focusing on cyber security. The Partnership is proposing to develop the BSc (Hons) Cyber Security Technical Professional degree apprenticeship over the next year, with a view to teaching a range of deep technical skills.

The move comes in the wake of a number of reports highlighting an alarming skills gap in the cyber security and crime area, with fears growing that there simply aren’t enough new entrants into the IT security sector to cope with the growing – and changing – threat.

In order to address this, the BSc will prepare apprentices for ‘roles such as vulnerability tester, penetration tester, and intrusion analyst. It will cover specialist areas like vulnerability assessments, malware attacks and digital forensics, and will equip its graduates with a range of up-to-date skills to counter cyber threats of all kinds.’


‘A more technical set of skills’

“The existing Tech Partnership degree apprenticeship, Digital and Technology Solutions, covers cyber security as a central plank of the learning,” says Bob Clift, Head of Higher Education on behalf of the Tech Partnership, “but employers have requested a separate programme that develops a more technical set of skills and knowledge. The next requirement is an employer group of subject matter experts who will articulate their company’s requirements.  Any organisation – employer or university – that would like to contribute will be warmly welcomed to the group.”