Accountancy no longer top of apprenticeships list

The latest BIS state of apprenticeships survey has revealed that accountancy no longer dominates the proportion of higher apprenticeships. Since 2015, other sectors beginning to increase their representation, most notably health and business.

The new survey, Apprenticeships Evaluation 2015 – Learner Summary Report – shows that there has been growth in the number of higher apprentices (those on a Level 4 or above apprenticeship): in 2015 they accounted for four per cent of total current apprentices and two per cent of total completed apprentices, up from two per cent and 0.7 per cent in 2014.


More diversification of qualifications

This increase has been accompanied by a diversification of frameworks such that Accountancy no longer dominates the higher apprenticeship landscape (a fall from 60 per cent of all Level 4 apprentices in 2014 to 28 per cent in 2015). In particular there has been an increase in the proportion of higher apprentices on other Business frameworks, as well as in Health.

As to the motivation behind higher apprentices and what drives them towards the goal of a professional qualification, compared to Level 2 and 3 apprentices, higher apprentices were less likely to have been specifically recruited to an apprenticeship (32%) and more likely to have been existing employees (67%), an approach that was most common in the Health framework (88%).

“Linked to this, fewer than three-fifths of higher apprentices were aware their course was an apprenticeship (57%),” the report says. “The main motivations for undertaking an apprenticeship were similar to those expressed by Level 2 and 3 apprentices.”