Employers want problem solvers and team players

A new report from the World Economic Forum has revealed that skills most prized by employers – now and in the future.

Top of the list in 2015 was complex problem solving, which remains top for those speculating on what skills will be most prized in 2020.

The needs of  future employers will change, however. Climbing the list of prized skills from 10th now to 3rd in 4 years’ time is creativity, while emotional intelligence, a characteristic not even featuring on 2015’s top, will be the 6th most highly regarded attribute by 2020.

“The kinds of skills cultivated through social entrepreneurship are linked to the soft skills that graduate employers have repeatedly told us they prize, but which they believe graduates lack,” said the WEF. “Chief among these are creativity, resourcefulness, team-working, innovation, resilience, IT skills, and innovation. They are also the skills which will future-proof graduates against the changing nature of skilled work.