David Cameron pledges to create 500 more free schools (Video)

Speaking inside one of the UK’s newly developed ‘free schools’, David Cameron discusses the importance of building more free centres of education around the country to ensure that children remain on the path to achieving a successful career.

In Corby, Northamptonshire, the Prime Minister visited one of the 52 new free schools that have recently been open to the public across the country.

The school in Corby enabled 75 children to gain a proper education, and was met with over 400 applications, an achievement which Cameron labelled a success.

In a video message, Cameron declared that he wanted to use the programme to build 500 more free schools to create ‘‘more good and outstanding school places for our children.’’

Cameron has been making regular announcements regarding the education and apprenticeship sector.

In late August, the Tory leader outlined his apprenticeship transformation plans, as he released a consultation paper that allowed the general public to give their opinions on the apprenticeship levy.

The tax has been met with mixed reviews. Only last week did Lady Baroness Wolf, the government’s skills adviser, criticise the levy, stating that it is ‘‘a mad and artificial political target which risks undermining the reputation of apprenticeships.’’ Wolf added that the government should be focusing on quality apprenticeships, rather than quantity.