5 ways to make your boss like you

Whether it’s an apprenticeship, your first job, or your fiftieth job, staying on the right side of your boss is incredibly important.

Check out these five top tips for making a great impression in the workplace.

  1. Don’t slip into bad habits. Even if you’ve been there few months, treat every day as if it is your first week. Turn up on time, dress appropriately, and show your commitment to the company.
  2. Think before you speak. Asking valid questions is fine, but don’t bombard your boss with questions that a simple Google search can give you the answer to.
  3. Do more! Go beyond your job description, helping out with things which aren’t necessarily your responsibility, earning yourself a good reputation.
  4. Be surprising. Negotiate realistic deadlines so you can hand things in early where possible, gaining more trust from fellow colleagues and your boss.
  5. Invest in your own development. Consider taking a vocational qualification that will give you a skill specific to your job role. This can be used to further yourself within the company and will look great on your CV.