Poll finds apprentices earn £4k more than grads in first job

According to a new study from notgoingtouni.co.uk, young people in their first job who have done an apprenticeship earn almost £4k more than their university graduate peers.

The careers website commissioned the poll as part of ongoing research to find out the different opportunities available to apprentices and graduates.

The survey quizzed 2,614 young adults in their first job after finishing a degree or apprenticeship in the past year. When asked their starting salary, it was found that the average university student started on £14,734 and the former apprentice started on £18,463.

Managing director of notgoingtouni.co.uk, Spencer Mehlman, said: “We’re not surprised at all that apprentices earn more within their first jobs than graduates, purely because they get hands on experience whilst they’re learning, and their first job is typically within the company that they’ve trained with; therefore they know everything already in terms of rules, what the company likes and dislikes and they have experience with their customers and clients already.”

“This research isn’t in any way undermining those who undertake a graduate degree, but university isn’t for everyone. If you’re more interested in learning whilst you work, instead of sitting behind a desk listening to a lecturer, then apprenticeship might the right choice for you; particularly if money is a focus, what with the results showing that you can earn roughly £310 a month more than graduates.”