Miliband pledges 80,000 “high quality” apprenticeships under Labour government

Spelling out Labour’s future business policy, Ed Miliband has pledged an “apprenticeship guarantee” as well as 80,000 new positions a year in England if his party gains majority control in the UK’s upcoming general election.

Under a Labour government, every school leaver who gets the grades would be able to begin a high-quality apprenticeship course.

Miliband insists that the move should be seen as a parallel to the way in which well performing students are offered an academic route into university.

Labour claims that under their government, 80,000 positions would be created a year in England by the end of the next parliament.

The party promised that all apprenticeships would be level 3 qualifications or above, last for at least two years and focus on new job entrants.

A majority Conservative government has already promised to create 3 million more apprenticeships by 2020.

Miliband’s proposals will set legal requirements into civil contracts to create a minimum requirement of apprenticeship creation. Projects such as HS2 have already been tipped to create around 33,000 openings.

He explained: “Our plan is based on the idea that it is only when Britain’s working families succeed that Britain succeeds. Not the old idea that it is only from the top down that wealth flows. And it is only our plan that recognises that every person in every sector of the economy is a wealth creator.”