L&Q commits to paying new apprentices London Living Wage

L&Q housing association has welcomed new apprentices and advertised additional apprenticeship positions with a commitment to pay all new in-house apprentices the London Living Wage of £9.15 per hour.

Seven apprentices are now starting their careers across the capital with the housing association, which owns more than 70,000 homes in London and the South East.

The announcement makes L&Q one of the first of London’s G15 housing associations to make the voluntary commitment to pay London Living Wage to all of its new in-house apprentices. It is also working to encourage its partners and contractors to move towards paying all their apprentices London Living Wage.

The apprenticeships offered provide successful applicants training within the housing sector in a range of roles, including Human Resources, IT, Finance and Community Investment.

Lucinda Gray, L&Q’s Head of Learning and Development, said: “A number of our senior staff began their careers as apprentices, which is testament to the career opportunity that an apprenticeship offers. The new programme is building on the success of last year’s and is an integral part of L&Q’s talent management strategy. We are very pleased to see the new apprentices starting work.”

Sarah Borien, L&Q Apprenticeships Coordinator, said: “We are extremely proud and excited that the new apprenticeship programme is providing real work opportunities for our residents and offering them the chance to become financially independent by gaining work experience and a qualification. L&Q are striving to set the bar for best practise and will use this to encourage our partners to offer a similar service.”