4 things to look for in an apprentice

During the hiring process many interviewers focus on employment history to gain a rounded view of what the candidate is capable of. Apprentices, particularly if they are young, may not have much of this to fall back on.

So what should employers look for in their new apprentices?

1. Personal qualities that fit with your company ethos. As with any employee, hiring someone you know will get on well with the rest of the office is important.

2. Great interpersonal skills. They will get the most from an apprenticeship if they can talk easily with people at all levels in the company.

3. A passion for the industry. The apprentice should ideally want to build a career in your sector and is looking for a way in.

4. Commitment to learning. You need to be confident that the apprentice will be able to juggle college work with on-the-job training.