More middle-class teens opting for apprenticeships

Following research that found up to 100 teenagers were applying for each apprenticeship position, Nick Boles, the new Skills Minister, has said that more middle-class teenagers are considering on-the-job training courses because university is no longer seen as the best option to get ahead in life.

He said: “It feels to me that that would have been pretty much unheard of five or 10 years ago; this idea that you can get the same level of qualification through an apprenticeship and sometimes that you might actively switch away from university. Nobody’s trying to undermine the university route – it will still remain the right route for a very large number – but what we do want to make sure is that everyone feels both routes are deeply valid.”

Mr Boles added it was “essential that it becomes something that people think of as a route to take them far in life, not just a way to get them off the streets. We want it to become the norm for young people to choose between an apprenticeship or university, so as they prepare for their exam results I’d encourage them to consider the fantastic opportunities on offer.”