Weston College apprenticeship campaign achieves 203 pledges

A Weston College campaign to generate pledges of 100 new apprenticeship places in 100 days smashed its target by more than 100 per cent – achieving a total of 203 pledges.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the many business benefits of taking on an apprentice in the hope of encouraging employers who have not previously taken up this option to do so.

Staff from Weston College’s Business Enterprise Centre used their enthusiasm and commitment to generate and follow up leads using their already extensive network of business contacts.

They were supported by a marketing and communications campaign to help raise awareness. The campaign was jointly run with the Weston Mercury newspaper.

Head of BEC Liz Redwood said: “When we launched this campaign, as part of National Apprenticeship Week in March, we thought it was quite ambitious to try to get 100 pledges in 100 working days.

“But staff pulled out all the stops, and I am delighted to say that the campaign exceeded our expectations.”

Among the many new businesses that are now offering apprenticeships are the National Autistic Society, the Ohh Company, Something Different, C.B.S.L. and The Hair Gallery

Liz added: “I am also grateful to our existing business partners, for helping to raise awareness of how businesses can reap the rewards of taking on apprentices, and am happy to welcome many new employers to our network.

“Although the campaign itself is over, there is no reason for any employer out there to feel that they have missed out. We are looking at ways of spreading the pledge, and are also always looking to work with new employers.”