Help to shape social entrepreneurship apprenticeships at design camp event

On Tuesday 15th July between 4pm-6.30pm, join UNLtd in London to help shape the first ever industry standard for Social Entrepreneurship Apprenticeships.

As part of the government’s apprenticeships reform, UnLtd is working with partners to develop a comprehensive and accessible opportunity for early stage social entrepreneurs to engage in both skills-based and thematic training, along with accredited and work-based learning within the social economy.

A structured experience of social entrepreneurship engages young people on their own terms and helps them to turn their ambition into reality. It also provides a firm foundation for their future careers.

Research has found that young people are increasingly interested in entrepreneurship, with 53% of people aged 18-30 wanting to start their own business; 72% of whom are influeced by social causes; and 20% of all new start-ups would choose to form a social enterprise.

This participatory ‘design camp’ style event will feature views and insights from a diversity of key stakeholders including business partners; education and training providers; and relevant young people to collaboratively explore developing a new industry standard for social entrepreneurship apprenticeships.

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