10 unusual tips for combatting interview nerves

There is a lot of interview advice out there telling you to be prepared, to do your research, to wear the right clothes.

What about advice on how to stop your hands shaking, or to prevent your voice doing that embarrassing wobble?

In a recent post for Guardian Careers, Robin Kermode, author of Speak So Your Audience Will Listen – 7 steps to Confident and Successful Public Speaking, shares ten unconventional tips for beating the nerves during an interview.

  1. When nervous, we have a tendency to speed up our speech, making us trip over words or muddle up a sentence. Breathe deeply before you answer questions.
  2. Prevent shakes by squeezing your buttocks together. According to Robin, it’s physically impossible to shake if these muscles are tensed.
  3. Open your throat by sticking out your tongue and saying a nursery rhyme before the interview, to prevent a shaky voice.
  4. Stand, don’t sit, when asked to wait.
  5. When seated during the interview, learn forwards slightly to show keenness.
  6. Put your hands on the table rather than wringing them underneath the desk.
  7. It’s not just about you. Ask questions about the role and about the company.
  8. Pay attention to what the interviewers are saying. If you do miss something, ask them to repeat it rather than hazarding a guess.
  9. Talk as if you’re talking to your friends.
  10. Don’t put on a persona you think they will prefer; be yourself.

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