Top tips for your first week as an apprentice

Landed yourself an apprenticeship? Check out these top seven tips for making the most of your first week.

  1. Introduce yourself. Make the effort to learn your colleague’s names.
  2. Build rapport with your boss and co-workers. Arrange a meeting to discuss what is expected of you.
  3. Organise your desk. Have a snoop at others workstations to get an idea for what you are allowed to do to your own.
  4. Make notes. As you learn new skills, write it down, so that you have something to refer to if asked to do something by yourself.
  5. Ask questions! Don’t sit in silence if you need help.
  6. Locate the nearest essential shops. Familiarise yourself with what’s around you.
  7. Reward yourself and don’t overdo it. It’s only your first week, so don’t be too hard on yourself if things trip you up at first.