Apprenticeships better for career prospects than university, poll finds

According to a new poll commissioned by the Sutton Trust charity and Pearson, over a third of adults think that a degree-level apprenticeship would be better for a young person’s career prospects, while just over a fifth (21%) backed university study as the best option.

Conor Ryan, director of research at the Sutton Trust said: “There is a growing appetite for real apprenticeships among young people and the wider public. But there are still not nearly enough apprenticeships at A-level or degree standard available. It is vital that this gap is addressed.

“Our research has shown that in other European countries, particularly in Germany and Switzerland, three-year good-quality apprenticeships are a serious option for all young people. Despite some recent improvements, we still have a mountain to climb to match ambitions in England.”

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “I want to see university degrees and apprenticeships on an equal footing. This is increasingly becoming the norm for young people, with the number of school leavers who are taking up an apprenticeship increasing by 15% in just one year.