Invest time and effort into your apprentice’s development, advises employer

With business and ICT A levels under his belt, tech support apprentice Joshua Powell decided against university and opted for the apprenticeship pathway. Just IT partnered him with educational software provider Midas Systems on its IT Support & Networking apprenticeship pathway.

Midas Systems’ senior developer and Joshua’s direct line manager, Chris Aylott, explained the benefit of apprentice hires for a small business: “It can almost be considered as a year-long interview process, giving us the opportunity to really assess someone’s abilities before committing to taking them on permanently, whilst at the same time providing the employee with enough support to help with their own development.”

Chris particularly appreciated the flexibility of the process by which the employer is able to select and interview each candidate in order to find someone who will be a cultural fit, a decision that shouldn’t be rushed in order to get right.

Chris advises other employers: “Be sure of what you want to get out of an apprenticeship. You receive nothing from simply seeking cheap labour, but you’ll get a lot back if you invest time and effort into an apprentice’s development”.