View apprenticeships as long-term involvement

Apprenticeships not only provide valuable experience for young people but can offer profitable return to companies willing to “take a ‘blank sheet of paper’ and develop a skilful individual”. So, whether you want to break into the world of work or are looking to improve your business, check out these top three tips from NGtU to ensure you get the best from your apprenticeship:

Job description

 It’s vital that before taking on an apprentice a business identifies its gaps and needs. The apprentice should be viewed as any other employee with a clear job description so that both employer and apprentice meet expectations.

Go for the long-term

All apprentices and employers should view the relationship as a long-term involvement. Short term placements often do not provide enough time for an apprentice to significantly develop which is also detrimental for an employer as they will not see the rewards of their investment.

Think like a business

Apprenticeships make business sense, so treat them as you would any other project. Contractual obligations protect both parties and make sure to interview all potential candidates to check for suitability. Likewise, apprentices should carefully consider both the employer and training scheme to ensure it will benefit them and teach them the skills they need to progress in that industry.