5 things you might not know about apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are on the rise. Many savvy students are realising the benefits of shunning traditional educational pathways, choosing to earn and learn on the job rather than rack up a mountain of debt at university.

Employers across a wide range of sectors are starting up their own apprenticeship schemes in a bid to bring in raw talent which they can train up within their business.

Here are five things you might not know about apprenticeships:

  1. Apprentices in London get cheap travel. First year apprentices aged 18+ who live in London get 30% off their travel. When advertising for your apprenticeship role, this might be worth mentioning, as often travel costs can put people off applying for a position.
  2. You don’t have to pay minimum wage. The National Minimum wage for apprentices is £2.68 p/h but a lot of employers tend to pay more than this, especially for those living and working in London. Perhaps think about increasing the apprentice’s wage over time.
  3. Apprentices bring business benefits. One key point – they boost your business’s reputation and make people more likely to use your services. Customers like to see businesses investing in young people.
  4. Apprentices are valuable to the workforce. Research has shown apprentice’s boost productivity. They are passionate about the industry and eager to work their way up the career ladder.
  5. Think you won’t find a suitable scheme? There are over 250 types of apprenticeship available in over 1,400 jobs.