Apprentice advocate discusses benefits of apprenticeships in business

Gemma Farina, who runs her own HR consultancy in Tunbridge Wells, explains the benefits that employers can experience when implementing an apprenticeship scheme.

The government continues to encourage employers to provide alternative employment methods in the way of apprenticeship schemes as the UK continues to falls short on take-up compared to other EU countries. Did you know the government offers grants to employers who use an apprenticeship scheme?

Apprenticeship schemes provide a pool of fresh talent and ensure your workforce has the practical and capable staff you need to carry out specific jobs. Employing enthusiastic individuals who will increase productivity and reduce training costs compared to hiring an already skilled worker.

Not only do apprentices fill the talent gaps you require for your business but they also provide specialist skills that will only grow and develop with your business. For those companies who invest in developing their young members of staff and supporting their career development, the likelihood is you will also see a higher level of retention.

Investing in your staff will naturally improve employee loyalty due to the fact apprentices have made a choice to learn on the job and make a commitment to an industry they know are going to enjoy working in.

According to research published in July 2012, the benefits of an apprenticeship include:

A relatively effective means of meeting skills needs of the business, which is typically more cost-effective than recruiting skilled workers from the external labour market.

Producing a pool of skilled people from which promotion into more senior roles can be made.

Company values and particular ethos are instilled in workers at an early stage.

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