How to support your apprentice through their first week

It’s your apprentice’s first day at your company. They might be nervous, understandably. Many apprentices tend to be of school leaving age, so this might well be their first time in an office or professional environment.

You’ve invested in this person. Their CV was at the top of the pile and they beat others during the interview process. The last thing you want is for them to feel uncomfortable, or unsupported, and then leave before completing their apprenticeship.

The first week is therefore, very important. You should take steps to integrate the apprentice fully into your company by getting to know them, giving them tasks relevant to their post, and providing on-going support.

Getting them to make cups of tea won’t exactly fill them with confidence. Set significant, meaningful tasks which they can get stuck in to and ensure that they feel able to ask any questions if they run into trouble. Appoint a mentor who can act as the first point of contact for the apprentice. Perhaps they were an apprentice themselves that has stayed with the company.

Above all, be supportive and set clear targets that the apprentice can work towards. Hold regular meetings to discuss the apprentice’s progress and find out how they are getting on. This way, you will ensure that the apprentice feels comfortable which will ultimately increase loyalty and lessen the chance of them abandoning ship.