“Apprentices are talented, ambitious and loyal employees,” says Unilever UK

Surrey Chambers of Commerce recently revealed that youth unemployment is at its  highest level yet in the county, with about one in 20 young people looking for work. One business, Unilever UK, is doing its bit to tackle this issue, having recently created 20 apprenticeships in business administration and IT.

Tim Munden, vice president of human resources for Unilever UK & Ireland, said: “Apprenticeships are fantastic both for business and for the nation. We have already seen with our existing apprenticeships that apprentices are talented, ambitious and loyal employees, and therefore apprenticeships are a great way for a company to build their talent for the future, particularly in areas where we suffer from skills shortages.

“In the UK one of the biggest challenges to sustainable livelihoods today is youth unemployment. It has been shown that extended unemployment in youth damages employment prospects in later life, and those coming from households where no adult works are significantly more likely to remain unemployed and economically inactive than the average.

“We want to contribute to the Government’s focus in strengthening the economy and get a ‘lost generation’ back to work.”