Hiring apprentices: top 5 tips

Five top tips

Five top tips

Are you an employer looking to hire an apprentice? Take a look at these essential tips from Alison Franklin, Team Leader with the Reed NCFE Partnership at Highbury College to help you through the recruitment process.

1. View an apprenticeship as a long term investment. Ensure that you have plans in place to mentor, manage and train your apprentice so that both parties can reap the benefits.

2. Invest time in the interview process. Rather than hire the first person that walks through the door, think about the type of person you need to fit into the company and ask relevant questions to find out if they are suitable.

3. Favour mind set over skill set. Skills can be taught, after all. If their mind set doesn’t suit that of the company, there could be rough seas ahead.

4. Select an apprenticeship programme which best matches your needs.

5. Bear in mind that apprenticeships are a learning process. The apprentice will pick things up along the way. Be patient, meet regularly to check their progress and provide support when necessary.