Reformed apprenticeship plan could “seriously threaten the continuing success of apprenticeships,” says AELP

AELP is concerned about the government's plans

AELP is concerned about the government’s plans

The Future of Apprenticeships in England: Next Steps from the Richard Review, published in March put forward plans which aimed to give employers further control over their apprenticeship schemes. In response to these plans, The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) has urged the government to rethink the overhaul of the apprenticeship scheme.

AELP national policy manager Judy Brandon said: “We are so concerned by some of the suggestions outlined in this document that we feel compelled to urge the government to rethink before moving ahead. Having argued that apprenticeships are now hugely successful we are pleased that the government, in this latest consultation document, recognises that there is much to be proud of . . . it refers to ‘over 200,000 employer workplaces participated and over half a million new apprenticeships started’.

That being the case, we really do not understand why it is now proposing to introduce what they themselves go on to describe as ‘a major programme of reform’. We believe that implementing all the proposals in this document would seriously threaten the continuing success of apprenticeships, which are rightly seen as the gold standard for work-based learning.”

The reformed apprenticeship plan is due to be published by the government in autumn.