House of Commons apprentice is an “exemplary example”


Dominic Woodbridge has been praised for his role as Sajid Javid’s apprentice at the House of Commons.

Following completion of his A-Levels, Dominic Woodbridge decided to take the vocational pathway rather than go to university. He was employed as Sajid Javid’s apprentice at the House of Commons, during which time Sajid became Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to George Osborne. This provided Dominic with increased responsibility, which has gone on to develop after Sajid’s recent promotion to Economic Secretary to the Treasury.

Dominic says: “My first three months were spent being introduced to the parliamentary calendar and associated deadlines. I am responsible for the management of request for appointments with Sajid. I have visited the constituency in Bromsgrove on several occasions to gain a clear understanding of the environment and the people Sajid represents.”

Sajid Javid says: “Dominic is an exemplary example of everything that an apprentice should be. He has quickly proven himself to be an extremely capable young man. He has a range of core duties to carry out every day, in addition to many tasks that only come about at the last minute. I admire his maturity in deciding that he would rather pursue professional experience instead of further study at university. He approaches his work conscientiously and his dedication to learning and improving himself while at work is clear.”