What is expected of an apprentice employer?

Know your responsibilities before you hire

Know your responsibilities before you hire

Apprenticeships are becoming the new norm for employers who are looking for the next generation of talent. Young people are realising that university is not the only option for them, as apprenticeships become popular in professional sectors such as law and accounting.

Taking on an apprentice means committing to their learning; you should treat them as a respected employee and a valuable member of the workforce.

You are responsible for providing:

  • A chance for them to learn specific skills to finish their qualification. The tasks you give them should be relevant to their study and aid their learning.
  • Any time they need off for training. This is usually one or two days a week and spent in a college environment.
  • Supervision during their training period. Assign your apprentice with a mentor who can be the direct port of call for anything the apprentice might want to ask.
  • A training plan developed by both you and the training provider to suit your and the apprentice’s needs.