Semta CEO responds to government survey

Sarah Sillars, OBE, says it's the "perfect time to get on board"

Sarah Sillars, OBE, says it’s the “perfect time to get on board”

As covered in our article from 9th April, ‘Survey reveals apprenticeships increase employability,’ recent IBM research demonstrated how employers are 15% more likely to hire apprentices than graduates.

Sarah Sillars, OBE of Sector Skills Council Semta, has responded to the findings, saying that the results will help young people decide on their future career paths.

She said: “Employers welcome Apprentices with open arms. They know the business benefits that they bring with them. We know just how advantageous they are for the young people taking them too! Semta is helping thousands of young people earn and learn – without them having to take on massive debts at university. The science, engineering and manufacturing sector needs tens of thousands of skilled employees in the next few years – and now is the perfect time to get on board.”