Prospect releases apprenticeship app

Prospect has launched the app

Prospect has launched the app

Last week saw the launch of a new free app via Google which provides apprenticeship advice and allows users to view vacancies.

The app was created by professional union Prospect, and is available for android phones. Users are able to search apprenticeship vacancies through the National Apprenticeship Service and Not Going to Uni websites. Users can search for vacancies by location or professional sector. The app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store, is aimed at young people considering apprenticeships, parents, employers and training providers.

Prospect’s Director of Communications and Research, Sue Ferns, said: “As the union that represents engineers, scientists, managers and specialists across a range of sectors, one call that is common to all is the fear that we are rushing into a skills crisis in the UK. With the traditional university model no longer available to many given rising tuition fees, apprenticeships can provide an excellent training opportunity combing both theoretical education with hands-on experience.

“This new resource is aimed at not only those considering an apprenticeship, but those already undertaking one and their parents or guardians, as well as employers involved in managing, designing or operating a scheme in their workplaces.”