New partnership creates 100 apprenticeships with BT


BT to take on 100 IT apprentices

The National Skills Academy for IT, training provider NITP, and apprentice employer BT have partnered up to deliver 100 apprenticeship positions for young people in the UK. The UK Commission for Employment and Skills helped to fund the new venture through the Growth and Innovation Fund.

The 100 apprentices will be the first to trial the IT Gold Standard Apprenticeship programme, which aims to help young people gain valuable job specific skills beneficial to the workplace. The training will be overseen by NITP in colleges across the UK. The aim is to generate 450 positions in 2013.

Karen Price, e-skills UK CEO, said: “We are delighted that, through this new partnership with BT and NITP, 100 new jobs have been created for young people in IT roles that are in high demand among employers. Making the recruitment of apprentices by smaller organisations an easier and more attractive option is helping them develop the skilled workforce needed to drive their businesses forward.”