Top Five Reasons for Hiring an Apprentice

Top 5 Reasons

Why hire an apprentice?

Apprenticeships are a popular topic in the news at the moment, with employers around the UK realising how choosing this method of employment can put their business in an advantageous position.

Testimonials written by employers and apprentices clearly show how the apprenticeship scheme can be beneficial to all. The Business, Innovation and Skills Committee want an “overarching government strategy and clear purpose for the apprenticeship programme.” They consider the importance of providing potential employers with more information about the process of hiring apprentices, giving them a further understanding of the process.

After speaking to a wide range of employers who are fully knowledgeable and immersed in the process of hiring apprentices, the chairman of Northumbria Learning Providers, Malcolm Armstrong, compiles five significant positive outcomes:

  1. Company loyalty. Apprentices tend to go on to be full time qualified employees at the end of the training period.
  2. Young people tend to be enthusiastic, motivated, and eager. This will resonate with the rest of the staff.
  3. It’s a cheaper way of hiring. The NAS will fund the training depending on the age of the apprentice.
  4. It combats the skills gap. Apprentices can learn from older employees who are nearing the age of retirement, in preparation for the next generation.
  5. It gives you the chance to mould the apprentice into the company without worrying about any bad habits picked up from previous employment.