Two young apprentices share their top tips for success

Having the right attitude when starting an apprenticeship is important.  In this post, four apprentices from multinational IT firm CGI share their advice on how to make the most of an apprenticeship.

Natasha Kamange studied psychology, sociology and graphic design before joining CGI. She said: “If I were offering advice to a new joiner, I’d say be observant and polite but don’t fade into the background. And do your due diligence. The more you know outside of your role, the easier it will be. And finally, if you don’t know, ask. If you never ask, you’ll never know. 

“The best thing about my role is meeting staff from different areas of the business and seeing the various sectors I can possibly go in to for my next role. With that in mind, it’s important to be versatile, adapt to change and learn quickly. Teamed with a pleasant personality, this will allow for you to work with almost anybody.”

Umair joined CGI in May 2012 on their Advanced IT Apprentice scheme, having studied chemistry, biology, philosophy and business studies. He said: “Staying focused, self-motivated and maintaining good communications with work colleagues and team leaders is important as it helps to develop both your skills and your character. 

“But above all, you’ve got to have an unshakeable desire to keep on learning. IT is a fast-paced industry – there are always new technologies coming on stream. So it’s crucial that you carry on broadening your knowledge and experience with them.”