Apprenticeship starts in Liverpool outrank rival cities

Liverpool is beating the national average of apprenticeship starts

Liverpool is beating the national average of apprenticeship starts

New council figures have revealed that Liverpool is outranking other big cities in the number of apprenticeship starts, it has been reported.

The English average of 16 and 17 year olds embarking on apprenticeships is 3.2%, yet Liverpool’s figure is 5.2%, beating Bristol, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle. Plans are in place to create 3,500 apprenticeships by 2016 in a move to combat youth unemployment in the city.

The report also revealed that in England, there are 11 apprentices to every 1,000 employees. This is lacking behind other countries; in Australia this figure is 39, in Germany 40 and in Switzerland 43.

The council’s cabinet member for employment, enterprise and skills, Cllr Nick Small said: “We are very pleased with these figures. It recognises the work the council has been doing on apprenticeships in the last three years. But we do need to get that step change so we improve what we do in terms of apprenticeships in the UK. We are looking to reposition some of the work we do in apprenticeships in Liverpool, bringing all the training providers together and looking at the challenges we face so we can really up our game to get up to the level of Sheffield and beyond. It’s good for young people and it’s good for business.”