Union Street invests in the future with apprenticeships

Following the completion of their apprenticeship schemes, two apprentices working at Union Street Technologies have secured full time graduate positions working in the customer support team.

The company has hired three additional apprentices who will be provided with mentoring and training on both the company’s aBILLity billing platform and the wider telecoms industry with the main focuses on compliance and best practices.

Union Street has a strong belief in treating their apprentices as full time staff to allow them to integrate more quickly. Apprentices gain a full contract of employment, a generous salary and full holiday entitlement. Mutual targets are agreed from the outset and the apprentices’ performance is measured through key performance indicators (KPIs).

Paula Wright, Operations Director, said: “We felt that it was important to do our bit to invest in, train and mould future generations of telecoms professionals, and to provide entrants to the industry with the opportunity to prove themselves and develop their skills under our tutelage.

“By investing time into training and mentoring we are able to harness and cultivate the raw talents of some highly capable individuals, and the continued development of their skills reaps untold benefits for our business.”