Business skills apprenticeship to be developed by Grant Thornton

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has selected Grant Thornton to develop an apprenticeship covering core skills in business administration and customer management.

Grant Thornton director Simon Littlewood said: “BIS’s Apprenticeships programme is already successful, providing proven benefits to both employers and apprentices. We are delighted to be leading on the evolution of the programme to help keep apprenticeships responsive to employers’ needs and providing apprentices with a great grounding in business administration and management, helping them to build a career.

“We recognise the importance of robust apprenticeship programmes, not only from our perspective as an employer, but also from what we are hearing from our client base. Skills and talent availability is increasing as a barrier to growth for business. BIS is rightly placing employers firmly in the driving seat and we shall look at how best to simplify the system and improve quality to enable businesses develop the skills and talent they need.”