Weston College launches recruitment agency exclusively for apprentices

Weston College has created a brand new apprenticeship provider that helps businesses hire young learners without tackling mountains of paperwork.


‘Unique recruitment agency’

Based in Weston-Super-Mare, the College has launched Brighter Futures Recruitment, a service that will help businesses hire apprentices without having to go through red tape and bureaucracy.

Brighter Futures will use two different systems in order to hire apprentices. The first being the standard route where a business directly employs an apprentice for 12 months.

Some businesses require greater flexibility and don’t have time to complete mountains of apprenticeship paperwork, so Brighter Futures will act as the apprenticeship employer on behalf of the business, so they take on all the legalities.

‘‘This is a unique recruitment agency, which aims to place apprentices in employment and to support companies interested in employing an apprentice, but concerned about the demands involved in taking on more staff,’’ said Helen Booker, contracts manager at Brighter Futures Recruitment.

‘‘We appreciate that every business is different so we offer various models of apprenticeships for employers.’’

‘‘We can support them in finding and hiring the perfect candidate and then act as the employer for an agreed amount of time,’’ continued the contracts manager.

This announcement comes less than a week after Ofsted found that apprentices are failing to gain skills due to a lack of collaboration between employers and providers.