4 steps to take when hiring an apprentice

You’ve decided to hire an apprentice but aren’t quite sure where to start. Take a look at these tips on how to hit the ground running!

1) Ensure you invest time choosing the right programme – Enrolling your apprentice on a scheme that allows them to gain professional qualifications while they train on-the-job will benefit the apprentice, who will learn skills, as well as your own business, which will benefit from their training.

2) Make use of the National Apprenticeship Service website – This website offers advice for employers, and also provides a space where employers can advertise vacancies and contact potential candidates.

3) Integrate the apprentice into the business and provide regular feedback – Due to their relative young age, often apprentices can tend to be shy and slightly underconfident. Businesses should be encouraging and offer regular updates on their progress. Giving an apprentice a mentor within the business can also help foster lasting professional relationships.

4) Be encouraging and motivating – We’re sure we don’t need to mention this, but by becoming a positive force in a young persons life, you as an employer will build up their confidence whilst equipping them with the skills needed for success. It’s a win-win situation for all!