NCFE apprenticeships help employers succeed

Offering 50 apprenticeships across a range of sectors

Offering 50 apprenticeships across a range of sectors

The Government has committed to investing in apprenticeships following statistics that estimated apprentices could bring GBP3.4bn a year to the economy. Additionally, with youth unemployment remaining high at around the one million mark, apprenticeships are seen as a good way to combat this figure.

NCFE, a National Awarding Organisation offers nearly fifty full apprenticeships at Intermediate and Advanced Levels across a range of sectors, including business administration, law, commercial enterprise and public services.

NCFE also delivers pre-apprenticeship qualifications to help young people gain the transferable skills needed for the workplace. This prepares them for their chosen apprenticeship so that they can get the most out of their study. NCFE works closely with employers to develop a unique Progression to Apprenticeship package which allows them to support their learners in the best way possible.

To find out more about NCFE apprenticeships call 0191 239 8000 or visit the website where you can search the apprenticeships on offer, explore the NCFE Apprenticeship Directory, and discover more about NCFEs supporting resources.