3 ways to perfect your apprenticeship application

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September is statistically the busiest time of year in the job market, with thousands of companies looking for new recruits. If you’ve just left school or college, chances are you’ve never seen an apprenticeship application form before, so here are three ways your application can stand out amongst the rest.

Research, research, research

So, you’ve decided that you want to embark on an apprenticeship, but what do you do next?

When filling out an application form, one of the most important things that you’ll need to do is know the company inside out.

Go beyond a quick google search and extensively research the history of the firm. When was the company launched? How many employees does it have? What is its policy towards apprenticeships?

The more you immerse yourself within the fabric of the company, the more confident you’ll seem when filling out the application form. The person reading your application will immediately recognise that you have exceptional research skills and a passion to learn.

Give it a personal touch

According to The Telegraph, employers receive 39 applications for every graduate job, so given that more and more graduates are applying for apprentice-style positions, you’ll be  facing some stiff competition during the application process.

No application should be the same, so if you’re applying for multiple apprenticeships, ensure that you change something each time you apply for a role.

Ensure that your application contains something personal about yourself. Most  will be will be dry, repetitive and boring, so try and include an anecdote or interesting story that will spark the reader’s interest.


Spelling and grammar mistakes on an application form are tragically common, and it’s because people don’t proofread enough.

Your application form is your first impression, so don’t waste it through spelling mistakes and the incorrect use of punctuation.

Never submit a first draft of your application. Once you’ve written a rough draft, print it out as it’s much easier to find spelling and grammatical errors via a paper copy.

Once you’ve corrected your mistakes, get a fresh perspective by letting a family member or friend see your application. This way, they can give you some constructive feedback and point out any errors that you may have missed.