Apprenticeships: Investing in the future

The UK economy is at a tipping point. With stubbornly high youth unemployment dampening an uncertain recovery, apprenticeships are at the front and centre of every major political party’s plans for the future. But what does this mean for businesses running apprenticeship programs?

Functional skills specialist bksb explores the issue in a new white paper. By analysing where each major party stands on apprenticeship programs, this white paper gives your organisation a clear snapshot of the post-election possibilities. Armed with this information business owners can prepare adequately for what’s to come.

This white paper is also a comprehensive guide to running an apprentice program, teaching organisations everything they need to know about how apprentices are assessed and what opportunities they present for the organisations taking them on.

It outlines the importance of apprenticeships and illustrates what these programs have to offer employers and the UK economy as a whole.

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