Scotland could get ‘5,000 more apprenticeships by 2019’

Scotland could be in line for a further 5,000 apprenticeships under new plans floated by education secretary John Swinney.

Swinney says that by 2019, up to 5,000 young people will start a foundation apprenticeship – a significant step up from the current levels, which show that in 2016/17, 351 children started the two-year training.

Swinney said: “As part of our work to deliver excellence for all, we are working to widen access to university.

“But not every young person can or should go on to university.


‘The system must work together’

“That’s why we have been reforming vocational education and increasing the number of modern apprenticeships, hitting new records every year on the road to our target of 30,000 new starts by the end of this parliament.”

“We need the whole system to work together if we are going to make the scale of difference that is our ambition.

“And, we need to break down the barriers between the different parts of the system. That’s what our new Foundation Apprenticeships do.

“They are apprenticeships undertaken at school, with work-based learning, alongside academic exams.

“They are the chance to get a head start on a career by gaining industry-recognised qualifications, working on real projects and gaining the experience every employer looks for.”