Virgin Media signs up to apprenticeship push

Another signatory to the Young Women’s Trust pledge to get more women into apprenticeships has been announced.

This time its Virgin Media – one of the UK’s biggest employers. It said yesterday that it will work with Young Women’s Trust to support the recruitment of the 250 apprentices it plans to recruit in 2017. To date, the company has trained almost 1,000 apprentices in total.

The announcement marks the first TMT company to sign the pledge, which is part of its broader goal for a more diverse workforce and 40 per cent of senior leaders women by 2018.

Previous signatories include Asda, Network Rail and Barclays in signing the pledge. Young Women’s Trust will hold workshops with the organisations that have signed up to the campaign to understand the challenges they are facing, highlight best practice and develop new ways to attract more young women onto apprenticeship schemes.