‘No hiding place’ for poor apprenticeships

A leading figure in the travel world has warned businesses in the sector that they face serious reputational risks if the standard of their apprenticeships falls below an unacceptable level.

Liz Deakin, City & Guilds business development director for employer services, told an Abta seminar on apprenticeships that “quality assurance has to be at the heart of everything”.

“Ensure they [apprentices] have good experiences because they will tweet about it and post on Snapchat, and that reflects on your brand,” she said. “They’ll be on social media before you know it. You must get the quality right before it damages your brand.


‘More say, but we need to pay more’

Many firms in the travel sector will be affected by the introduction of the Apprentice Levy and some are already making plans for the new regime. Andy Smyth,  development manager for vocational training at tourism giant Tui, said the levy should be seen as an opportunity.

“It’s important we all get into this for the right reasons,” he said. “Like it or not, we are being dragged kicking and screaming to fund training programmes.

“It is forcing us to take the issue seriously. We are being given more say in what training looks like, but we have to pay for it.”