UKIP appoints apprenticeship spokesman

The UK Independence Party has announced the appointment of a new spokesman for Education and Apprenticeships. His name is David Kurten, and he’s a teacher turned political candidate

“I am delighted to have been appointed as UKIP’s Education and Apprenticeships Spokesman,” Kurtne said. “15 years in teaching and now a member of the London Assembly’s Education Panel means I will be able to bring my experience, both practical and political to the role.

“I am looking forward to developing our education policy which will ensure that there will be a diversity of education options for all pupils and students of all ages and abilities. This means a mixture a grammar, technical, specialist and comprehensive schools in all areas of the country, and further investment and development of apprenticeships to bridge the skills gap so that British young people have the skills needed to make the most of every opportunity.


‘Truly passionate’

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, “As a former teacher David is truly passionate about making sure every child has the right and opportunity to succeed.

“He is a staunch supporter of Grammar Schools but also of ensuring that there is a range of education options to suit every child’s skills and abilities, the bedrock of UKIP’s common sense Education Policy.

“As such I feel confident in passing over the education brief to him and I am sure it will be in good hands.”