Levy clarity a priority in Scotland

An adviser at one of the UK’s largest accountancy firms has called for greater clarity on the Apprentice Levy and how it will be applied in Scotland. Monica Houston is a tax Manager at Grant Thornton in Edinburgh, and she has said it is essential that the government provide more information on how the levy will affect small firms in particular.

“The Scottish Government’s approach to Modern Apprenticeships in recent years has been widely regarded as world-leading, working in partnership with business leaders to tackle long term social issues such as chronic youth unemployment.”

Houston said that apprenticeships are now at the centre of Scotland’s approach to workforce development and there’s no sign that this is set to change. “With that in mind, it’s essential that businesses are given as much clarity as early as possible on how Holyrood plans to collaborate with the wider workforce and the other UK nations to assist employers with a cross border workforce.”


‘An important opportunity’

“The Levy should be regarded as an opportunity for employers and we hope the Scottish Government takes steps to ensure we continue to invest in our future talent. Tackling societal issues and creating a sustainable, vibrant economy in Scotland benefits us all and we’re hopeful that political leaders will act quickly and responsibly to ensure Modern Apprenticeships continue to be a valuable part of Scottish working life.”