Three new apprentice standards published

The Tech Partnership has published three new apprenticeship standards – employer developed frameworks that give organisations the assurance of quality in UK tech apprenticeships.

The relate to Standards for IT Technical Salespersons, Software Development Technicians and Unified Communications Technicians , and they join 10 other standards approved by Government this year.

The standards, designed by employers through the Tech Partnership, outline the skills required of an apprentice in specific job roles. They aim to give companies assurance that their apprentice programmes are of real, long-term benefit to their businesses, while giving apprentices a clear understanding of the skills they will acquire.

Employers from companies of all sizes have been consulted to create the standards, via the Tech Partnership’s Digital Apprenticeship Steering Group. The standards are available, and replace existing arrangements.

Significant demand is expected for these apprenticeships, as more and more tech employers recognise the benefits of recruiting new talent through this route. The IT Technical Salespersons standard is ready to deliver now, while the Software Development Technician and Unified Communications Technician will be ready to deliver shortly.