“I won’t leave Beeb” – Sugar

Good news for fans of the BBC’s flagship business show The Apprentice. Lord Sugar, the silver haired despot in charge of hiring and firing, has committed himself to the show and ruled out any move to another channel.

Lord Sugar told the Press Association: “In my case, my profession is not television. I don’t derive my income from TV and I find that the BBC have given me this platform to perform in this programme, which I appreciate, and I would find it absolutely out of the question that if they decided to allow the format to go somewhere else I wouldn’t be going with it, that’s for sure.”

Sugar was moved to answer queries on the subject in the wake of the high profile defection of the BBC’s highly rated Great British Bake-Off to a commercial channel, a move Sugar was doubtful about. “Lord Sugar said: “I personally think that Channel 4 are going to be disappointed with the value for money that they think they are going to get.”