Employers are missing out on the chance to reward employee development

A graphic of a certificate with a yellow and blue rosette on it.

Image by Rocket000, available via CC BY-SA 3.0

Organisations are missing out on the chance to reward employee development via staff training programmes, claims educational awarding body SQA.

Findings from the 2015 UKCES Employer skills survey highlighted that while 66% of employers had funded or arranged training or development for their staff over the past 12 months, just 20% of those were trained to a qualification.

Workforce development is widely recognised at boosting staff morale, improving skills and productivity. Training staff to a certification further helps the individual and the organisation to thrive.

For organisations who want to train their staff to a recognised qualification, SQA has developed a solution. SQA’s Customised Awards are flexible qualifications, tailored to an organisation and developed to meet business needs – whether a business operates in a niche market or is looking to formally recognise its workforce.

Businesses are guided through the process, and work in partnership with SQA to develop assessment materials to create a qualification that’s right for the organisation.

By nurturing talent and rewarding their existing employees, businesses can save on recruitment costs, and better-qualified employees will also allow companies to stand out from the competition in their industry.

To find out more about SQA’s Customised Awards, or any of the other services SQA offers, call 0303 333 0330 or send an email to mycentre@sqa.org.uk.