Brathay winners visit Westminster

The winners of the prestigious Brathay Apprenticeship competition visited the House of Commons this week to meet with John Howell MP to celebrate their victory.

The team from UK Atomic Energy Authority arrived in London 3 months after completing victory in the competition, and were welcomed by John Howell MP who was on hand to congratulate the team.

“I am delighted to have welcomed the team to Parliament and to have supported them throughout. They are absolutely brilliant and it was really inspiring that they won the Challenge and are now the apprentice team of the year,” Howell said. “I wish them luck for the future and look forward to UKAEA continuing their winning streak in the future years.”

UKAEA Team leader and Electronic Engineering apprentice, David Godden, said: “It has been a privilege to be invited to meet with John Howell and come to Westminster . We were ecstatic to have won the title of the apprentice team of the year and to have beaten the other 80 teams and 700 apprentices that entered the Challenge.

“The experience that the Brathay Apprentice Challenge has provided us with is one that will stay with us all forever, from volunteering with the Helen and Douglas House Hospice and taking part in a £35,000 fundraising drive, to recruiting employers and educating young people about apprenticeships.

“We hope that winning the title will support our efforts to inspire young people and promote apprenticeships. Hard work, determination and self-confidence are key for success.”