Demand for digital skills growing, apprenticeships will help – Tech Partnership

The difficulties facing businesses filling tech and digital roles are growing, according to the latest poll from cyber skills charity the Tech Partnership. 47% of those responding said that they have faced difficulties in recruiting for digital and tech roles.

And this difficulty is likely to increase, as 80% of respondents said that, in the next 24 months, they expected to increase these type of roles in their organisations. 35% of respondents said that they would be looking to increase numbers in these roles significantly.

In terms of the tools that businesses are using to plug this gap, it seems that apprenticeships are growing in popularity, delivering, the survey says, ‘both concrete and intangible benefits’.

“Employers believe that apprentices bring new energy and enthusiasm to their businesses, and that they help them adopt relevant skills more quickly,” the poll reveals, and goes on to report that, among those offering apprenticeships, they “Are embraced for increasing diversity among the workforce, and for improving the company’s image to the local community.”


Apprenticeships’ popularity on the rise

The levels of companies using digital apprenticeships are encouragingly high, with 72% of employers are already running apprenticeship programmes – and 83% expect to use apprentices to fill some of their new roles.

Certainly, efforts to improve awareness of apprenticeships generally, and the digital trailblazer standards in particular, have proved successful so far. Two-thirds (65%) of businesses had heard about them, while the most popular roles that employers were recruiting are Infrastructure Technician, Software Developer and IT Support.