Asda pledges to help women get into apprenticeships

Asda says it is making a firm commitment to women apprentices today with the news that it is to sign a pledge making apprenticeships better. The supermarket is partnering with the Young Women’s Trust, which supports women aged 16-30 struggling to live on low or no pay.

The pledge focuses on providing equal opportunities for young women embarking on apprenticeships, and the Trust says that Asda is the latest employer, after Barclays and the Builders Merchant Federation to sign it.

Young Women’s Trust chief executive Dr Carole Easton said it was “fantastic” to see one of the UK’s biggest retailers sign her organisation’s pledge.


Asda committed to working with youngsters

“Asda already has a formidable reputation as an inclusive employer with an excellent apprenticeship programme and it is encouraging to see that they are committed to doing so much more,” she said.

“We hope Asda’s support will encourage more retailers to come forward and improve apprenticeships for young women.”

The Trust says those signing the Pledge commit to:

  • Join a growing campaign of top UK businesses who want to make apprenticeships work for young women
  • Be invited to participate in seminars and workshops to share best practice and learn from the work other organisations are doing
  • Be offered tailored media support to publicise their involvement in the campaign
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to a progress report in March 2017 highlighting good practice as well as any challenges that employers continue to face

Nick Green, Asda’s senior director for talent, said creating a diverse workforce was good for business.

“We believe it is important to encourage the top talent into our organisation and apprenticeships are just one means of doing so,” he said.

Arch Apprentices CEO Jason Moss welcomed efforts to increase opportunities for women, citing that they only make up 17% of the tech sector. However, close partnerships with expert advisers can produce better results.

“Here at Arch 31% of our tech apprentices are women, and evidence of our success is clearly visible in the high retention rate post apprenticeship (at around 95%),” he added.