Finance house develops new apprenticeship scheme

Alternative finance house Bibby Financial has announced it is to launch a specialist apprenticeship scheme in order to boost the pipeline of talent entering the business. According to Bibby, successful candidates will follow a programme, accredited by the BBP University, and will be guaranteed a permanent position with the business upon completion.

Bibby becomes the latest leading financial services business to offer apprenticeships, following the lead laid down by Nationwide and Swiss Re, among others.

The apprenticeships will include a range of modules, including processes and systems, products and markets, risk and compliance, commerciality and customer service. The course gives a combination of university accredited education, alongside hands-on training, provided by BFS’ in-house training team. Bibby currently provides funding for around 7,000 small businesses, mainly through its invoice factoring services. It also employs 700 people. Successful apprentices will be funneled into roles in the company’s Manchester and Banbury offices.


Broad range of qualifications

Bibby’s global HR Director, Wendy Taylor, says the scheme is unique in that it offers apprentices opportunities to train in a variety of roles across the business. “We’re committed to the local communities that we operate within and this is a fantastic opportunity for candidates to work in a number of different teams across the business.”

“Our apprentice scheme forms part of our wider recruitment strategy to attract the country’s leading talent, across a range of disciplines including sales, marketing, risk and operations.

“Unlike other apprenticeship schemes – which often focus training on one area – we offer our candidates valuable, hands-on experience across a range of positions. This gives them a holistic and unique understanding of the business, which is a great way to kick-start their careers.”